The Waken Supports:

The Creation of Human Exclusion Zones in every country, every landmass, ocean and major biodiversity hotspot in order to facilitate rewilding. These would be areas where nature would be left completely undisturbed in order to recover in the absence of humans, air, light or noise pollution. National Parks and protected areas serve only as examples of the life that was once present on our planet. They aren’t enough to preserve biodiversity and provide the volume of natural biomass the planet needs in order to maintain natural cycles and regulate its CO2 levels. Rainforests need to have a critical mass in order to produce rain. Species need a broad geographic range in order to thrive, just like humans. Human Exclusion Zones have now become an urgent necessity in order to slow down the 6th Mass Extinction. A global panel of ecologists and biologists can plan their design, endorsed by an international panel. The zones can be policed via satellite or drone, and large fines imposed directly on governments and tresspassers to prevent violation.

Planned Parenthood. The minute we ceased to have any major predators, we took over from nature the responsibility for controlling our own population. Controlling our own population has therefore become our job, our problem. There are far too many humans already on the planet, putting pressure on resources and leading to the extinction of 100-200 species per day. Planned Parenthood is now an essential ingredient of ANY solution. Without it, all other solutions will fail. Childbirth will need to be rationed on a lottery system and made illegal for most of us. We have enough humans on the planet as it is.

Rewilding would be a natural result of both our population stabilisation and the creation of human exclusion zones, as city outskirts would gradually be abandoned and surrendered back to nature. This is already happening in many countries where populations have stabilized, but it needs to accelerate.  Vast areas controlled by humans need to be returned to nature.

Ambitious, Large-Scale Global Reforestation. An international tree-planting effort of unprecedented proportions could increase the forest coverage on Earth within a decade, providing a cushion of CO2 absorption while at the same time helping slow down the 6th Mass Extinction. The solar panel was not invented by humans: it was invented by microorganisms 3.5 billion years ago: a raquet-shaped carbon-based molecule with a magnesium crystal in the middle, chlorophyll is the miracle molecule of our planet. Trees are the food-providing, carbon-capturing, heat-mitigating, habitat-restoring, water table-rebalancing engineers that we need in an ever-accelerating climate breakdown.  Unlike any human technology, trees install themselves, need zero maintenance, and are 100% renewable.

Equal Rights for All Species. All living beings on Earth have the right to be exempt from genocide, extinction and habitat appropriation. They should legally have the right to thrive and prosper in the same way that humans afford themselves the right, on paper, to food and education. The Human Rights Act needs to be rewritten to include the rights of the other 8 million species that inhabit Earth. If they go, we go. It is only a matter of time before entire ecosystems across the planet enter a rapid and irreversible collapse as key species in the food chain go missing.

Below are some of the possible solutions that are viable discussions going on. Although none are the perfect solution they move in the right direction.


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