“In order to absorb Earth into our economic system, we had to give it an expiration date. Just like milk or electronics, we had to make it obsolescent.”

In this climate crisis that masquerades as a social, political, healthcare and ecological collapse, we are gradually moving on from the phase of delusion and false hopes that we can act, to the phase of simply observing the long overdue consequences of our toxic civilisation. But as we do, more of us wake up to the realities of our systemic failures. In this short anthology of aphorisms, I attempt to redefine, sometimes in a comical, other times in a metaphorical, but definitely in a caustic way, some of the terminology that our civilisation has invented over the millennia, which it has used as a foundation on which to build its now crumbling jenga tower.

The ongoing collapse of our climate and civilisation means that these definitions, these values we have relied upon, have completely failed us. They are part of a rotting foundation that is soon to be washed out to sea. So here is my own lexicon of dystopia. I hope you find it as refreshing and critical as it was meant to be.

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Pocket Philosophy for END Times – George Tsakraklides