Twenty years after No Logo, and five years after This Changes EverythingOn Fire explains how the bold ideas and action within the Green New Deal could avert climate catastrophe and be a blueprint for a just and thriving society.

Naomi Klein’s seventh book, On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal gathers for the first time Naomi’s impassioned reporting from the frontlines of climate breakdown, and pairs it with new material on the high stakes of what we choose to do next.

Published in hardcover in the USUK and Canada in 2019, it was an instant New York Times bestseller and was serialized in The Guardian UK and in the Covering Climate Now news syndicate worldwide. Naomi completed a multi-country book in 2019/early 2020.  The paperback was released in 2020 with a New Foreword written during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Jane Fonda said, “I didn’t know this [book] would change my life.  It told me what I had to do, and it motivated me to do it.” Read More