George is a scientist, researcher, author of 8 books and host of the George Reads George podcast. His writing has been described by his readers as a mix of ecology, science, philosophy and poetry. Sometimes writing blogs and essays, other times poetry or memes, George often draws on his personal memoirs, exploring the toxic cocktail of existential crises that summarise humanity’s predicament: climate change, human exploitation, tech-induced mental illness and the 6th mass extinction, all of them a result of our deep existential fear. In his books George often asks why we, humans, do the things that we do, which often seem to make no sense. His life’s ambition is to try and reveal, to set free, the Other Human that resides in each one of us: a human who has been caged, suppressed, manipulated, traumatised and forgotten by centuries of capitalism and the CO2 “Death Support Machine” we are all hooked up to. We are all so much more than we think, if we could only remember where we came from, and the tremendous wealth that all of us already possess, simply by being a species on planet Earth.

“I aim to shine light into the hard truths about our world. This is the time to be curious and creative: to dissect and challenge constructs and systems of thought that have been around for ages, and boldly dream of other ways to be, as the planet’s collapse forces us to change our ways one way or another.”

-George Tsakraklides