DISPOSABLE EARTH: How and why we gave our planet an expiration date (or how money broke the planet’s bank).

Disposable Earth is a collection of essays on the climate crisis and the unavoidable collapse of our civilisation. They are meant to awaken one into the tough existential questions the crisis has revealed, attempting to go back to the beginning: to what started it all, hundreds, thousands of years ago when our failed civilisation was still in its infancy. This exploration is undoubtedly a painful journey into our past. A journey that many of us don’t want to take at any cost, for fear of coming face to face with our failings as a species. Prepare to feel exposed, sometimes ashamed. Prepare for your world view to be shaken.

Our generation carries the weight of every human that has ever lived on Earth. Although we are living through the most uncertain and terrifying time to be a human, this is also a time to feel more alive, more purposeful than ever: a time when we are being forced by our planet to finally think seriously about who we are, who we thought we were, and where we see ourselves in the future, if we want to have one. I hope these essays help you to find a small piece of your Other Human.

– George Tsakraklides

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