How to bring down the government and replace it with Citizens Assembled

 “the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.”

Almost four hundred years ago the people of Britain fought a bloody and passionate civil war to establish a principle: no man rules us for his own pleasure, no group of people have the right to impose their tyranny upon us.
The victors of that war made that principle for themselves but not for others – not for the poor, nor for women, nor for the people of Britain’s colonies. But the genie was out of the bottle. We have rights, we are citizens, we will not be denied our dignity: the rights to life and to a livelihood. Any government that wishes to take us to death is not a government, but a band of criminals.

A century later the settlers in America had had enough of British tyranny. The citizens of Boston walked up the hill to the redcoats and shouted: “go on then, fucking shoot us if you dare”. The shots rang out, America exploded in revolt and created a republic.
The victors of that war got their rights but denied them to American Indians and to Black peoples. But the genie was out of the bottle.
We have rights. And we will not be denied them. All over the world indigenous wisdoms have fused with the revolutionary idea that we will not be trampled upon. We have inalienable rights. If any government wishes to lead us to our deaths then revolt is, ‘the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.’

Yes, it is. No shit.

Is it not our most indispensable duty to bring down any government that entertains such radical evil as to destroy this beautiful world, in exchange for a few more years of accumulating bits of paper with numbers written on them?
This is a manual on how we are going to do it. Come what may.

Burning Pink’ twin tasks are
Removing the government and
Replacing government with citizens assemblies. Here is outlined basic stuff that Burning Pink people (BPers, pronounced beepers) need to know.
Now, humankind is facing its final moment of reckoning: ecological and climate collapse. Are we going to stand by and allow the fuckers in control of this world to take us to oblivion or a hell of endless pain, for their own pleasures; or are we going to come together and say, we are the people and we will not be denied?

-Roger Hallam, June 2020.